We finally made it to Mazatlan, Mexico (again).  We lucked out and got a spot next to the surf.  The motorhomes in the picture below are looking out on the beach in Mazatlan. 


We were in Mazatlan for "New Years Eve".  

We spent much of the evening driving around on the BMW, enjoying the lights of the city

Although it may look like a French sidewalk cafe, this restaurant was located in the old historic section of Mazatlan.
This old "Casa" from the 1800's was lit up attractively.

We later visited this "Casa", when my Dad arrived in Mazatlan, and found out it was a museum.

At Midnight the beach lit up with fireworks, for the year 2001!

This was the best show in town.

The name of the nightclub was "Valentino's".

The architecture looks as if it belongs in Morocco, not Mexico.
Sandy and I were a little (a lot) under the weather, but we still tried to get out and enjoy ourselves.

Mazatlan's Central Market.

Across the street from Sandy is Mazatlan old central market.
You typically do not see this is the markets at home.

Yes, that is an entire cow on the table.

The good news is that most of the meat vendors now have refrigeration.

This is the old church in the historic downtown section of Mazatlan.

We visited a few motorcycle dealerships in Mazatlan, and found many motorcycles available which are not found in the United States.  The prices were unbelievably high!

It looked like a Honda, but was some strange name from Korea. A 2 stroke dual sport 175 Yamaha.  These were last obtainable in the U.S. about 12 years ago. This was a "SYM".

The sun setting in Mazatlan.  This picture was taken about 80 feet from the motorhome.

It is now time to head into the hills and visit the old mining town of Copala!

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