Mammoth (9-30-00)


A Great weekend with a real group of severely testosteroned motorcycle madmen.  Being the FNG, I had a lot of pressure, but gave it my best.  Enjoyed some fast trails, a few steep hills, and watched as Tommy played domino's with motorcycles!  I also had the chance to treat my YZ426F to some real 2 stroke mixed fuel.  The bike loved it!  

Steve..... You missed a great ride.  Hans.....Thanks for the invite and the drive up.  John..... Enjoyed your company.  Bob..... Sorry about the fuel.  Gregg..... Thanks for organizing the ride (sorry about the sand on your unit).

I knew right away that I was riding with experienced riders by them showing me their "No Hands" skills.

Or maybe the shotgun I had affected his behavior?

When you ride with older people, it seems that they stop frequently to smell the roses (or toss down a beer)!

This is the most unusual number plate that I have ever seen.

As they are looking for the carburetor jet they dropped, they remembered why you 


 take the engine apart, when it is running!

One rider demoralizing another by blowing by the downed rider on a hill climb.

But my downed YZ426F presents a obstacle which brings him to a stop!

This became a common theme......

Working on another Honda...... 

In this photo you can see the concern regarding our exact whereabouts (Are we lost?)

A Great View....

And tired riders....

The "Gay Riding Group" from Mammoth! 

(Gay, as in Happy)


Casualty on "Handstand Hill" Nailing it!

Caution prevails

Tommy playing DOMINO's

with dirtbikes...

Gregg and John at destination "Bodie"

And finally "Group Photo" time.........


In closing, I hope everybody had as much fun as the two FNG's had on this ride! 

Thanks again to everybody for the friendship and riding experience.....

Hope we did not let you down

(hint.. hint...I am sucking up for a re-invite).

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