Current Events

This is where we put the current things we are doing.  Weekend and day trip things!


Hot News...  New Kid on the Block!                   Mason Dale Villegas has arrived! 

Wendy and Jun have provided us with our 3rd Grand Child.

A boy!

He was born on Wednesday, January 12, 2005 at 4:10 PM.

Wendy is doing fine.

Little Mason Dale weighted in at

8 lbs. 6 oz and 21 inches long.....

Jacob gave Mason his first bath within 30 minutes of Mason being born!

He also performed Masons first diaper change.

Jacob and Hannah were both extremely excited about the new addition.

Jacob enjoyed the ride from the delivery room to the recovery room!


Mike and Lynn called us about going for a early morning, short Christmas Eve ride.  We enjoyed riding, when most of the country had already winterized their bikes...

A quick stop at the "Lookout" above Lake Elsinore.
Then down a single lane road for about 25 miles.

Then the asphalt for the ride home.


Jacob had a "After Birthday" "Birthday Party".....

This was primarily a "Boys" party.
The birthday king and his sister.
Although it was primarily boys party, his sister is always near by.


Jacob's Boy Scout troop had a "Rain Gutter" sailboat race.

All the boys had to use the same kit to build their boats.

But, the variation is in the shape that they sand the hull to, and the shape of the sail.

This is our competitor!
Seconds before he WON a race.

In all he won 3 rounds.

Jacobs biggest supporter.


Went to Balboa Island with Sandy, Wendy, Jacob and Hannah.  This was Hannah's first Halloween and had a great time.

Grandma, carrying Hannah to her first Halloween night.  Started out with a great Mexican meal on the island, then off for the "Trick or Treating".
The flash ruined the effects of this lot which was Halloween'ed!
Jacob and Hannah....... 

A little belly showing!

Jacob was GI Joe and Hannah was a unicorn.

Hannah did great.......

and lasted longer than expected.

She got the royal treatment (usually a double hand out when she replied with a "Thank You")!
 Some of the carved pumpkins were Art Pieces.
Hannah, on the trip back to the car.
Does this kid look tired?

He was definitely dragging as the evening wrapped up.


Went to Riverside with Jacob and climbed Mt. Roubidoux, Riverside.

In an effort to try and get in shape for South America, we are trying to go out and do a little hiking.

We took Jacob to Mt. Roubidoux and were very surprised by the hike and the views.

Sandy had to be motivated a few times, but she did well.

This is a view near the top.  Downtown Riverside is the backdrop.

There is a little airport at the bottom of the hill. 

The airplanes fly near the peak, when flying the pattern for the airport.

Jacob acted as if he were on "Tom Sawyer's Island" at Disneyland.


The cross, in the background, is where Easter services are held.

There were a few interesting rock structures near the top of the mountain.


Went flying in Tom's Robinson 44 to Pioneertown, California.

Sandy was a little apprehensive at first, but after about 30 minutes was totally comfortable and really enjoyed the day outing!

Tom and his Robinson 44

Jody and Julie were in Pioneertown with their horses. 

I did not get pictures of Jody or Julie, but I did get pictures of their horses (and Tom).


We took a short trip up Mt. Palomar on our new KTM.

We visited the observatory.

It was built in the 1930's.

Very interesting history.

The road up Palomar is used by many motorcyclists to see how well they can ride the twisty road.

Some do not do well, so they nail their plastic parts to this tree.


A few pictures of Jacob's and Wendy's birthdays, at various locations.


Grandma and Jacob, at the Spaghetti Factory in Riverside.

Hannah, Jacob and Grandma.

Jun and Hannah.

Wendy, Jean, Hannah and Hannah's Great Grandfather.

Hannah, Ernie, Jacob, Sandy and Erwin.

Jacob, looking tired!

It was long day.


Went to the 2004 Zydeco Festival.  Went about 5 years ago and had a great time.  Had a great time again....

Many of the groups that played in the Festival were flown in from Louisiana!


These guys really know how to rip up an ACCORDION!

I did not have the nerve to ask where one can buy a shirt like his!


Accordions and Palm Trees.....

Most of the Accordion players had at least 5 different accordions on stage.


The audio levels were at least as high as at a rock concert!

This picture shows that you could wear just about anything you desired!


Visited "Old Towne Pasadena" for Father's Day, with Jun, Wendy, Hannah, Jacob and Sandy.

Isn't she a cutie!

She already knows to look at the camera!

She has already been walking for about 2 months.......


Mike takes Jacob on a tour of the fire station..............


Jacob got a tour of the entire Fire Station...
Not only did he get to sit in the Fire Trucks, but he also got a short ride, which I am sure he will remember for many years.
Mike, the "Fire Captain"!
He thoroughly enjoyed the time which Mike took to show him around.
Notice the "Ploung" on his helmet....



Jacob and Grandma playing Baseball in the back yard!



Grandma, making the pitch
Jacob, running the bases, with Grandma in chase!


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