Lake Powell

After leaving the Grand Canyon, we had a great night at the Wal-Mart store in Page, Arizona.  It offers free overnight parking and it gives you a chance to replenish the supplies.

Jacob is doing some preliminary planning in the motorhome on the Laptop computer for the days adventures!

Crossing the Glen Canyon Dam, on our way to Lake Powell.
After the boat rental agency tried to convince us that it was not a good day to rent a boat, we headed down through the marina looking for our ship (with the warning not to go, from the lady at the desk, I kept thinking of the Gilligan's Island Story).

Lunch aboard ship.
Jacob on the outlook.  

At least there are no cliff's to fall from.

Jacob and the Rainbow Bridge.
Have I told you I think he is a great looking kid?
Jacob carrying the load of the world on his shoulders.
The clouds added a lot of character to the canyons and skies.

A nice narrow canyon which we ended up hiking from when we finally found the beach at the end.
We beached the boat and went for a brief hike, to where the canyon narrowed.
It got to where we could not proceed without walking through deep puddles of water.

It was cold enough that we were not interested in getting our feet wet.

Unless you have walked these canyons, it is difficult to see the real beauty of Lake Powell.

The pictures do not do it justice.

Heading to Dangling Rope marina for a snack and fuel.

Our guide, Jacob, is manning the controls.

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