Grand Canyon


We started the trip on Friday night, the 20th of October, and headed for Kingman, Arizona.  This way we could arrive on Saturday, at the Grand Canyon, at a reasonable hour.  We made it to Seligman.  We hit the road early to get to Williams, Arizona, to show Jacob the train which runs from Williams to the Grand Canyon.

This was Jacob and his first train of the trip.  It was early morning and I do not believe he was fully awake (notice gazed stare).

 This was the first Steam engine and second train for the trip (also more awake).

Jacob figured out early that it was his responsibility to be the Tour Guide and leader for all activities of this vacation.

 We towed the line.

He also was in charge of honking the horns and keeping an eye on Grandpa's driving.

 Notice the tight grip which Jacob has on Jun.  The jokes about tossing Jacob in the canyon may affect him for life.  

The clouds made for a neat effect on the colors of the canyon.

 Still, a tight grip on Dad!


Is he cute, or what!

Honest Jacob, Grandpa will NOT throw you in the canyon.

Since the trip, Jacob has been going to counseling and it seems to be helping.


Jacob was so impressed with the Grand Canyon, that he plans on digging a replica in his backyard soon.  

His only concern is that his dog may damage it.

 If you look closely you can see the trails which are miles away.

We walked a few blocks into the canyon.  Jacob seemed very good about not walking on the edge of the trail.

Seems he now has a little fear of heights.  

No idea where that came from.

One of the sights on the trail.

Jacob was totally jazzed by seeing this ram at such a close range!


About ready to say goodbye to the Grand Canyon.

Jacob's arms were getting very tired from hanging on all day.

He always keeps an eye on the canyon.

It was now time to head for the next leg of the trip.......  Lake Powell and Rainbow Bridge!

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