2000 Elsinore

I rode in the Elsinore Grand Prix in the early 70's.  Then the race was discontinued until the late 1990's.  Started racing again, and loved it.  This year I was fortunate to get a second place in my class.  First place went to a friend, Steve Surber.  He has been riding for a relatively short time, and beat everybody else, including myself, for the win in the Beginner Dual Sport Category.  Next year the win will be mine (I hope).

This was the year of mixed emotions....... Up's and Down's


Upper       Got a Second Place

Downer     It was in the Beginner Class

Upper       Did not crash or get hurt

Downer     I was beat by a friend (I will hear about this for the next 364 days (until I reprieve myself in next years race))




This is the logo used for the "Elsinore Grand Prix 2000".


Here is the proof of the second place finish.
Un-retouched proof.

Additional Proof:

Race Results from Cycle News.

Typical starting line for the Elsinore Grand Prix.
The back side of JN Roberts helmet.  

JN won the Grand Prix back in the 1970's.

Jacob resting up by the Bluebird on race day.
You see many odd bikes at the race, including this side hack.
Two Kawasaki's crash on the asphalt.
A high speed section of the fire road.
Entering the asphalt section.
High flying on the course.
The bikes were doing close to 80 miles per hour on this section where the course transitions from pavement to dirt.
This rider was almost over the bars on this landing.

It was very cold in the early hours of the race.
Steve Surber and I, checking out how we did.  

Much to our surprise, we got first and second place.

Had to tape Tom's mouth shut, in order to keep certain things from becoming public knowledge.
Steve drank beer.  He got first place!  

I drank "Red Bull".  I got second place!

Next year I will be switching to beer!

Tom has learned to not park next to 1973 Chevy trucks during cold morning starts.
It was not a pretty sight.

Lucky for me, we were able to get the exhaust residue off the paint before it did any damage.

Sorry Tom!

 Yes, this is me in 1970 or 1971 (not sure). 

 After a 25 year hiatus, I try again.

 And again.

This will not be my last year racing at Elsinore. 

Rumor has it that Steve Surber will also race again (and maybe even Tom).

I will quit racing the Elsinore Grand Prix when I am 70 years old.

Hoping to have 17 more Grand Prix's to go!

PS... Please note that the leather pants, in the picture above, are the same leather pants which I wore in 1971! 

Hope to be wearing them in 2018!

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