El Fuerte Home

Yes, you have finally made it to the last page for this trip.  Congratulations!

The final few days of the trip were spent in El Fuerte, Choix and Yuma. 

Another day, another church.  

This church was located in Choix, which is about 80 miles off the main road.

But, this one was different then the traditional churches which we have seen to date.  It looked more "Southwestern", as if it belonged in Arizona, not Mexico.

Maybe a possible "bus to motorhome" conversion project.
We always enjoy fresh squeezed orange juice when we visit Mexico.

For some reason, it always taste different then the orange juice from the other side of the border.  It has a distinctive tart flavor.

This is downtown Choix.  We saw no other tourist.  

That always makes it an enjoyable destination for us.  We feel that we have found another world, where things are accomplished differently, than at home.

This dam was built about 50 miles from Mexico's "Copper Canyon".  The area was beautiful.  If it had been in the U.S., I am sure that a dam would not have been allowed to have been built in this location.  After we took this picture, Mexicans with guns, took our camera.  We were told it would be returned to us, when we were ready to leave the area.  It was.


We tried to return to the motorhome, via a different route.  

We were unsuccessful.  

The train tracks in the background are the tracks from Los Mochis to Creel which we were fortunate enough to have ridden with my father, a few years ago.  

That was another great adventure.

If I had more nerve, this would have been an excellent picture of 7 ladies bathing in a reservoir.  But I respected their privacy.

The lady in blue was at least 70 years old.  She walked into the water fully clothed, and started bathing and washing her hair.

They certainly do things differently in Mexico.

We rode the R100GS on a dirt road to the "Lago Presa Miguel Hidalgo".

This lake was huge, but had no development, except this small 12 room fishing hotel.

We had a light lunch and a beer or two to smooth out the ride back to El Fuerte.

This was the cement, above ground pool at the hotel on the lake.

This is the train station at which we arrived in El Fuerte two years ago on another trip.


This is the church, on the village square in El Fuerte.

Sandy at the town square.

The municipal building on the other side of El Fuerte's village square.

It is now time to head north, towards home.  

This is always the depressing part of the trip!

This is a common sight on the highways of Mexico.  I would guess that there were as many as 40 people riding in trucks like this.

We were not able to get close enough to see if they had seat belts on, or at least their ankles tied to the floor boards of the cargo area.

These trucks were backed up for 3 miles.  They were waiting for a machine which is moved over the truck and X-rays the contents of the tractor and trailer.

It is a slow process, and creates terribly long delays. 

We had a short respite in Yuma, which gave Sandy time with her dad. 

We always enjoy the time we are able to spend with the snowbirds in Yuma.

It was now time to head back to the ranch, and our reality.

The Bluebird performed flawlessly for the entire trip.  Not bad for an "Old Gal".


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