Durango Railroad


It is now Tuesday, the 24th of October.  We finally got to the day which Jacob has been looking forward to.  The "Train" ride.  The train from Durango to Silverton was built in the 1800's for the mining efforts.  The locomotive, which pulled our train, was built in 1925.  The entire experience was excellent.  The noise, soot and sounds are amazing.

Jacob was excited about finally getting to ride the steam locomotive.

Staring in bewilderment.
The view of and from the train was unbelievable.
The Autumn colors on the train trip were an unexpected surprise.

Wendy also enjoyed the trip!

The view of the river.








Sandy, Wendy, Jacob and Jun

The Family.
Enjoying it!

The water tank is still used to service the train.
Yes, she was cold, but the views and the snow made it worth while.
The train, following the river, approaching Silverton.

Arrived in Silverton.  It was snowing as the shops were closing up for the season.

The Family in Silverton.
Jacob, ready to head from Silverton, back to Durango.
Jacob, eating a cheese snack on the return trip.
The "Old" bridge, which is no longer used.
Sandy, unsure of her footing, as she goes from car to car.



Out of the snow.














The train passes through the rainbow, as it approaches Durango, Colorado.

A meal, at a Mexican restaurant, ends the long day in Durango.

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