Dad's Visit

Dad's day in Mazatlan.

Dad and Jean, on a cruise down the Mexican coastline, stop in Mazatlan for a day.

Jean and Dad.

My father is the guy in the beige shorts and the big smile.

It was GREAT having them spend a day with us.  Would like to do it more often.  If only he had the time.


This is the same "Casa" mentioned a few web pages ago.  As it turned out, this old home from 200 years ago, is now a museum.
Jean, Dad (or Roberto) and Sandy.
The theater, in the old town district of Mazatlan.

Tried to see a concert here, but we were two hours late for tickets.

The "Central" market in Mazatlan.  A little different than the markets in the U.S..

You can't help but get hungry in the Mexican marketplaces.
Yes, franchises are now found in Mexico.

To me, it takes some of the magic away.

A quick stop at a "Bing's Ice Cream" shop, prior to taking Dad back to the big white steamship.

The Mango ice cream is fantastic.

Dad, how about meeting a little more often?  We do enjoy the time together.

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