Those crazy Canadians are everywhere.  Mazatlan is chock full of them.  Based on all the Canadians in Mexico, it must be cold or something in Canada.  Most of the Canadians in Mexico are much to old to be Canadian draft dodgers.  My guess is 75% of the full-time motorhomer's in Mexico are from Canada, not the U.S..  We met this couple from Alberta and enjoyed a pleasant ride into the hills east of Mazatlan, to the village of Copala.  Copala is an old mining town from the 1700's.

You have to always keep an eye on those crazy Canadians.  You never know what they may be up to.

I wondered if Canadians always ride motorcycles with shorts and bare heads.  

Well, at least he is running his headlight!

As we rode to Copala, we passed through the village of Concordia, where furniture is manufactured in the style seen to the right.  

I was not sure if the Canadians were interested in the furniture, or just looking for an excuse to rest.

This picture was taken on the town square in Copala.  In the background is the restaurant, which specialized in Banana Cream Pie.

We enjoyed the pie sooooo much, that Sandy and I rode back here the following day, to try the pie again.  

We thought that maybe the first day's pie was a fluke.  It wasn't!

This Mexican boy begged to have his picture taken.  

This tourist complied, only to be surprised when he DEMANDED a dollar.

Neat village.... Dirt streets, neat church, tile roofs and great restaurant!  What else could you want?

The village square.

We took a short walk through the side streets of the village.  I was certainly glad that we rode the motorcycle to Copala.

It would have been tough to get a 35 foot motorhome through the streets of this village.

This is the old church, located on the town square of Copala.

The detailed side door of the same church.

I don't know what the significance of this protruded bust is, but thought it was an interesting photograph.  It was located above the front door of the church, and stuck out about 3 feet.  

Maybe a guardian of the church? 

 Dale's kind of village.  

This is the kind of place where I anticipate spending at least 3 months a year, after retirement.

One last look at the Banana Cream Pie eatery.

Every time I see this picture, I start calculating my distance from the closest "Marie Calendar's" restaurant.

On the drive back to Mazatlan, we drove through the village of Concordia, where the furniture is manufactured,, and found this church, again, on the town square.  Since we were on the motorcycle, we did not have the option of procuring any furniture (Sandy set her foot down.......  I have been known to overload her load carrying capability on the motorcycle).

Time to get back to Mazatlan, so that we can head out on our NEXT adventure!

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