Bell Garden's


On The 14 of January, Jun, Wendy, Jacob, Sandy and I visited the Bell Gardens in Escondido, California.  The gardens were developed by Tom Bell, the creator of the "Taco Bell" restaurant chain.  He has an area where they sell fruit and vegetables, much like Tom's farms, just south of Corona.  The farm has a free train ride and many other features to spur interest for kids.  After visiting Bell Gardens, we went to visit a friend named Ron Williams, who owns 27 acres near Pala.  On this property Ron commercially grows many products.  This is where Jacob got to actually drive a tractor........ 

This is our visit............

Yes, it was another train ride for Jacob.  This train was powered by a diesel Isuzu engine.
Here we are going over a trestle.
The train ride wrap throughout the farm.  I would guess that the ride is 1 1/2 miles long.  I pretty neat thing to offer to kids, for free!
Have I ever told you that he is just one "Great Kid".
Jacob provides a lot of enjoyment.
His first hay ride behind an old tractor built in the 1950's.
Jacob, being a "Kid".  

This was hay ride, which is towed by a tractor on the farm.

Grandma was a little cold as we ate lunch at the Bell Gardens.  The Gardens have tables and lawns all over the place so that you can have lunch, or just play.


Here is Jacob getting his first "Tractor" driving lesson from Ron Williams

Ron is an engineer that I had the good fortune of meeting when working in Santa Barbara.  He actually bought his own airplane and got his license after flying with me for a short time.  He worked at Hughes and Raytheon.  He is now retire (envy).  A real nice guy!

Jacob is concentrating intently, as he nearly clips a tree.  Ron looks relaxed because I am sure he has done this with his kids.  Ron and his family have recently adopted 4 more kids.  Yes, one of Ron strengths must be patients.
Jacob takes his tractor lessons "Seriously".
Jacob liked the horse, but was afraid to feed it directly from his hand.
The end of his lesson.

That is it for a day at the gardens and Ron's orchard farm. 

We will see how long it is before Ron invites Jacob back for   "Tractor Driving Lesson # 2" 

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