Baja (4-1996)


Good friends will let you drag them to the end's of the earth

In April of 1996 Tom, Butch, Jimbo and Sandy joined me for a ride to the tip of Baja, Mexico.  We had a great time with no injuries, other than a tick or two.  This was Tom's and Butch's first "LONG" ride.  

They survived!


Tom and Butch (La Paz)


You just have to keep an eye on them, in case they turn on you.

There is a story behind this, but I don't think it should be published!

I tried to tell him that he should not fall asleep while driving his motorcycle in Mexico.  

He was lucky that he just got stuck when he awoke.  I guess this was one way to learn a lesson.

I was not going to show this picture, but, based on multiple requests by Worldlink Insurance employees, here it is.  

This is what happens when you are attacked by ticks when riding your motorcycle.  You pull over quickly, drop your shorts, and then find the source of the pain.

That's the story, and I am sticking to it. 


Tom has mentioned, many times before, that I have to work more on my Spanish, 

so here I go.......

Butch y yo despertamos a una taza fresca de café.
Jim está tomando el camino correcto?
Aquí estamos tomando una de nuestras paradas comunes de la cerveza.
La motocicleta de Tom está comenzando a conseguir un poco sucio.
Éste era nuestro hotel en la ciudad de Cabo San Lucas.
Ésta era el hotel y la barra abierta del aire donde encendimos los armas. Como usted puede ver Jim y Sandy están inclinando algunos.
Jim, Butch y Sandy en el extremo del camino.

This was the end of the road.  It was now time to turn around and head back north.

  In closing, all I have to say is that it is very difficult to hit a moving motorcycle when you have had five beers!

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