3-30-01 Legoland


Another great day with Jacob, Wendy and Sandy.  Took a day off from work to take Jacob to Legoland, in Carlsbad.  It was an enjoyable day.  This amusement park is just right for Jacob's age!

Jacob was excited about his upcoming day at Legoland!
The rides were perfect for his age... Not too scary or fast.
What's not to like about these two!

Well, maybe the driving skills of the person on the right!

Two spoiled kids.
He did a great job of driving the electric cars.

He made Grandpa proud!

Jacob loves train rides and this one was no exception.
Legoland has places where the kids can play.  

Worded differently, a place where the Grandparents can rest!

Jacob enjoying himself.

In addition to loving train rides, he also likes to fly, whether amusement park rides or real airplanes!
The "older" kid and Grandma.
Oh.... I forgot....

He loves Trains, Airplanes and 


He finally appears to be getting tired.
Jacob appears a little apprehensive during this "Dark Tunnel" roller coaster ride.
Legoland has many acres of models made from Lego toys.  This was New Orleans.  

They also had New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles and many more cities represented!

This ends another enjoyable day with the "Kids" and Grandma!

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