2005 Raw Hyde Ride

On April 30th, Jim Hyde  of Raw Hyde hosted the "California Adventure" weekend in Death Valley.  How can you NOT have fun when BMW's, KTM's and Helicopters are involved!

The road to the event.
Ride Central, from the helicopter.
Another shot from the Robinson 44.
We "Roughed it".
A couple BMW's from the air.
Tom, arriving in his Robinson R44.
A serious knobby on a 950 KTM.
Mrs. FlyingAvanti at a lookout.
I am a little confused.

KTM bike...

BMW pants...

Yamaha helmet..

No body has ever accused me of having "STYLE"!

The first reclining BMW.
Heading up Hunter Mountain, on the way to Lippencott Mine.

A Clean KLR!
Clean, no more.....
Adam and Danielle. riding 2 up down the steep Lippencott Mine road.


Very impressive

Another couple heading down Lippencott.

Sorry, but I forget their names.

A lot of guys make a big deal of riding Lippencott.

We had 10 bikes in the group.

Two couples rode 2 up!

These were the tough riders!

It was not without a few mishaps.

The wife was still smiling and got right back on the bike.

Nice bike and a great sweep rider that helped a lot through out the day.
This area of Lippencott was very steep and rocky.
Another Lippencott victim!
Group break...
Adam and Danielle did some awesome riding!
Desmond is an excellent rider, but had a serious crash 50 miles from camp.

He got off at high speed, which required 4 stitches below his eye, and broke his leg in 3 places.

He was still claiming that he had a great time.

To get him back to camp we started his bike and got him going in 1st gear.  Then we rode next to him and kicked his shifter to higher gears so that he could get back to camp without taking hours.

He rode 50 plus miles with 3 breaks in his leg.

Desmond, I am looking forward to riding with you again, after you recovery from the surgery!

With the exception of Desmond's accident, we all had a great time. 

A  BIG Thanks Jim Hyde


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