2005 Jalama

On February 25, 2005 Sandy and I rode to Simi Valley and met up with Adam and John for a weekend of riding in the Santa Barbara, Solvang and Jalama areas.  It has been raining for the last 2 weeks, so we are hopeful for some descent weather  We lucked out and the it was a rainless ride!  Adam was to ride his R1100 BMW, John on his brand new R1200GS BMW and Sandy and I our 950 KTM.

Dale, having fun on the back roads of Santa Barbara County.

John and a beautiful back drop.

John, flying over the rise in the road.

The KTM also gets light on it's front rim.


Adam, taking a picture of John getting a picture of Dale and Sandy on the KTM.

The beach at Jalama.

While riding on the ridge above Santa Barbara, a R1150GS pulled up, and Lo and Behold, it was Adventure Rider "Richard Cabesa".

We get the Adventure Rider Salute!

Time to ride....

We get about 3 miles past the "Road Closed" sign and run into the first landslide.


The undercut drop off was about 30 feet.

This is Adam.

This is John.
And finally "Richard Cabesa".
A little front wheel air.

On Saturday night, Sandy was a little upset when she went and unloaded the bags and found her makeup and medicine mixed into one gooey mess.

Nice section of easy dirt road.
One last photo on the closed road.
On the next section of closed road we traveled about 2 1/2 miles and came across a non-passable landslide.

Sandy, the Flying Redhead!

The picture does not do this mud justice. 

It was pure muck.

We were up at 4,000 feet, with the Pacific Ocean in the distant background.
One of many water crossing.

The cement in this crossing made it easy.

Is this Adam riding sissy on the back of Johns bike?


Will he do it again?

After his motorcycle buddies see this, I doubt it.

Dinner was at the "Hitching Post" which was in the film "Sideways".

Sunday morning we headed to Jalama beach.

The oaks and Spanish moss were unbelievably pretty.

Jalama is about 17 miles down a very twisty canyon road. 

This is the campground at the end of the road.

Sandy and the orange 950 KTM.
John and his Canon SLR digital camera.
The view looked like a post card!
Adam, lifting the front wheel of his R1100GS.
The KTM shot at 1/20 of a second.
John's R1200GS getting light on it's front wheel!
The roads were great!

Dragging Bags.........

Trestles near the beach in Jalama..
Driftwood and Surfers.
Pigeons guarding the beach.
John and Adam riding Foxen Canyon.
We rode about 200 miles of single and 2 lane roads.
John is loving his new R1200GS.

I wonder how long his 450 Honda will get to rest?

In Foxen canyon we found this rise in the road.

We started out at 50 mph to see how much altitude we could get.

Soon we were doing it at 70 mph.

Sandy was our eyes for any oncoming traffic.

For owning the R1200 for only 2 weeks, John is already testing and stretching the envelope.
Greens and Blues abound.
More Greens and Blues and Oak trees.

North of Los Olivos, it was time for a winery visit.
John seemed at home in the winery!

Sandy was my designated driver.

More Green and Blue.......
Where are the wire cutters!
A red wine chaser for the almond praline ice cream.

That's it for another fun and beautiful weekend!

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