2005 Death Valley Daze

Sandy and I went to Death Valley Daze.  It is organized by the "Internet BMW Riders" group.  Many "ADV Riders" were also in attendance.  We left for Death Valley on Thursday, the 26th of January, 2005.  Last week Greg Minor (a ADV Rider - 950 S KTM) had a crash and broke a few bones and was not in riding shape.  Greg's riding partner, Dave was looking for somebody to cruise with to Death Valley.  Dave also rides a 950 S KTM.  So... off to Death Valley on 2 KTM's!

The bike is clean and Sandy is ready to go!

Tent and sleeping bags are loaded.

She was a good sport to ride on the back on "All" the dirt rides!

Almost required a "Wide Load" permit.
Dave and Sandy, in Randsburg for lunch, on our way to Death Valley.
We took Wild Rose canyon.

Yes, it was closed, but completely do-able!

This picture was taken at about 5,000 feet, just below the snow line.

Sandy and our beloved KTM.
Dave, taking pictures of his "S" model KTM.

He did that a lot!

The bikes seemed to enjoy each others company.
Near the top of emigrant pass.
Based on the length of "Statue of Limitations", no comments will be made about this picture.


Yes, alcohol was involved!

This is what we awoke to on Friday morning.
We had a great campsite under a sprawling tree.

Sandy was a great sport.

She spent her 55th birthday in a tent!

Another view.
Friday's ride started out with about 50 miles of cruising at speed.

We had places to go.

  No time to waste.

Until the leader of the pack got pulled over.

Yes.. "LasVegasRider".

His ticket was for standing up while riding.

Not for going 90 MPH!

Quick stop at Scotty's Castle.

(Mike (LasVegasRider), Chad, Sandy and Dave)

This old mine was about 40 miles back on a dirt road.

Hopefully I will get more pictures of the ride from group members.

Snow and a lot of night riding was involved.

Time to buckle back up.


(Gary, Ken and Dave)

Friday's sunset!

Saturday's sunrise revealed more snow on the mountains around Death Valley!

Now, for the start of Saturday's ride.


(Mark and his "S")


For me, this was the first time to see five 950 KTM's at one time.

Two standard models and 3 "Go's"!



A good looking Bumble Bee.
All the KTM riders were extremely good riders, and aggressive!
The 9 bikes that started Saturday's ride.


This ride included 5 KTM's, a KLR, 2 BMW GS's and a TransAlp.

The train station in the ghost town of Ryolite.
 Brief break.
Jimi has been riding with a bun ankle for 17 years.

For the last year he has needed crutches, but still rides!

We reached a dead-end up this canyon.
A sculpture and a work of art.

I will let you figure out what, in your eyes, is the work of art!


I think it is the KTM......

Sandy posing.

The ride home on Sunday was excellent. 

Notice the moon, just above and to the right of the highest peak.

This was not the groups breakfast!

It was "ALL" Dave's!

Ken is waving the ADV Rider salute!

A nail slowed us down for about 15 minutes.

Ken and his friend changed the tire quicker than most motorcycle shops could!

Over looking Death Valley from 1 mile up.
We were as high above Death Valley as the Grand Canyon is deep!
The wind had to be blowing at least 40 MPH.
No, that is not a meteor.....

Time for a few snow balls.

Ken, in an old mine, trying to stay out of the wind.
The Sunday ride home was perfect.

Again, notice the moon.

The wild flowers lined the road home.

And the hillsides were very green.

The only thing we would have changed was to reduce the wind a bit.
More flowers.
My neck was too tired from fighting the wind, in order to turn around and take a pictures.
Final view of the valley!

Note to the ADV riders that I had the good fortune to ride with.... if you send me your pictures and ADV name I will burn the pictures and send to all.  Please send me an email at Dale@Ploung.com and I will send you my address.  Please include your addresses so that I can mail you the complete CD to each you.  Can't wait to ride with you guys again!  (Please send me your name and tag so I can add to pictures..... Thanks)

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