2005 BMW Ventura Ride

On April 17, 2005 Sandy and I, left the 950 KTM in the garage, and dusted off the old R100GS for a dual sport ride out of the new BMW dealership in Newbury Park.  It did not seem appropriate to lead a dual sport ride at a BMW dealership, riding a KTM!   The plan was for my riding friend, John Sessums, and his new BMW R1200GS to go along, but a broken and pinned foot, from a mishap on his 450 Honda would leave John out of the action.

We started out with 17 bikes, 5 of which were street bikes, which would miss out on the fun in the dirt.

The red R100GS airhead is the bike we will be heading to South America on!

We started out in Newbury Park and stopped in Montecito for a fuel stop prior to starting the 95 miles of remote riding.
The street bikes, I believe, enjoyed the very narrow (un-striped) asphalt roads.
Here comes the herd.

It seemed that yellow was the most popular color for the days ride.

There were 2 females on the ride. 

This lady, on a 650 BMW, and Sandy, on the back of my bike.

We were the only "2 up" riders.

More yellow.
Peter and his upright BMW.
Too clean for the dirt section coming up...

The road climbing the hills behind Santa Barbara.

Another street bike and then more yellow!
Peter, sunning himself like a lizard on a rock...

Or just plain, trying to get warm.

Looking at the GPS and afraid to tell the others that I am LOST!




We are at 4,000 feet elevation, above Santa Barbara and the early morning "Marine Layer".
Two months ago this area was probably 5 feet deep.
The "lone" R100GS.
More yellow....
Mid Day decisions are made..

Time to head to "Cold Springs Tavern" for liquids.
Richard Cabesa's BMW.
KLR down....


Peter is there to help...

The wife, nagging me to "Let's Ride"!
Bumble Bee down...

Won't say who..


Better known as "FlyingGo!" showing the BMW owners how light the KTM is!

I like the shadow showing the air..

A little air on a hill climb!

Dave makes it look easy, but there was a near vertical face of about 8 feet....

No "Photoshop" here!

This shoot was my favorite, as the BMW riders watched in awe.......

Nice job, Dave.

I hope that everybody enjoyed the ride as much as I did.  The Santa Barbara area has some great riding.  I did not get many pictures of scenery as I was busy trying to keep the herd of motorcycles together.......

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