2004 Big Dog 4

The 2004 "Big Dog" ride is now history! 

When you ride a R100GS BMW you think that it is a huge bike,

but then a photograph like this reminds you of how small it is compared to the mountains of Colorado!

Greg takes a minute or two for some photo opportunities of the bikes.
Greg, riding in style.

Me, trusting Greg not to use me for traction!
Shot this picture while cruising at 40 mph.
The "Bumble Bee" R100GS's looked great when new, and still looks good 12 years later!
Dr. Greg Frazier.......

Owl Creek Pass was an unexpected surprise. 

Very different then the other areas we had ridden through.

The road through this area was very easy, but the sights were excellent.

Jerry and Barry.....
His hand gesture says it all.........

Having a great ride.......





This was the winding down of another memorable "Big Dog" ride.








The old guy was getting tired.
Time to say goodbye to friends.


What should the wife and I do now that everybody is heading home?

If you guessed "More Off-road Riding on the R100GS",

you are correct!

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