2004 Big Dog 3

The 2004 "Big Dog" ride is now history! 

Completing the down hill side of Engineer Pass........

Barry, on the other red R100GS.
Houston, we have a problem!

Luckily, the damage was to the engine and not the riders leg.

Ronnie, performing the surgery.

Ronnie saved the day.

Who needs a kick stand. 

You could lean the bike over just about anywhere!

Clem, enjoying a boulder or two.
Rocks on a steep downhill.
Another KLR.
Ronnie is always on the pegs, hence his balance is perfect, leading to 4 days of riding in tough terrain, and never laying the bike down.

Great job Ronnie.

This rider is also "off the seat".
Looking like he just completed a "Jimmy Lewis" Class.
Tim, also on the pegs.
Barry, also on the pegs.

The riders that did not fall, spent many hours standing up on their pegs.

Me, having a great time.......

Everybody made it down Engineer Pass with no major injuries!

That's a good day of riding!

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