2004 Big Dog 2

The 2004 "Big Dog" ride is now history! 

The "Big Dog" ride was initially limited to BMW's.  This was the first year you could ride other brands.

Wendell was the only KTM 950 rider.  I expected many more 950's.

Wendell was excited when he found this sign, in KTM Orange.  He claims that it is no reflection on the performance capabilities of the KTM product line.

Just kidding Wendell (my KTM 950 is arriving from Iowa on the 2nd of September.... can't wait!)

Tim, Dale and Ronnie waiting for the "Pilot Truck" to lead us through the construction area..

A nice opportunity to catch my breath (again).

Tim, Dale and Ronnie.
Enjoying the riding and friendships.....
Wendell and his high performance KTM 950.
Note the focused look on this riders face.
Tim relaxing.
Ronnie, enjoying the vistas.
A rider contemplating riding over the camera guy!
Sorry, but I did not remember everybody's names.......
Many KLR's showed up for the ride.

Now it is time to head for Engineer Pass

In a small private plane the pilot is required to wear an oxygen mask when flying an aircraft over 12,500 feet for more than 30 minutes.

No such requirement for motorcycle riders.

The views are fantastic.

Tim is ready, with camera in hand.

Short rest stop.
Tim posing.
Ronnie, doing the same.
I am a confused rider.

Some days riding in my Yamaha gear.

Other days riding in KTM colors.

Tim, doing Engineer Pass in style.
This rider never read the manual that stated, "when riding in rocks, keep your hands on the bars"!

No, he did not fall!

Are those feet off the pegs?
Pure concentration.
Clem, staying focused on his PD.
Another skilled rider that can wave and ride in rocks at the same time!
This is Jerry!

Everything was going great for Jerry, to this point in the ride.

But, the downside to  Engineer Pass is coming up.

How will his bike and body fare?

Jerry fell a time or two, but continued to forge ahead.
Tough terrain on a huge bike.


This section claimed Clem,  jostled Jerry and be felled others....
Jerry, in the red sweatshirt.

Not very happy at this point.

The rocks appear VERY LARGE when you ride down a trail like this.

Jerry's last "dropping of the bike"!

He did a great job of getting his bike over this pass, considering it was his first time in the dirt on his R1150GS.

Admirable accomplishment.

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