2004 Big Dog 1

This is the "Big Dog" Group!

This was the group photo, taken at the lodge in Gunnison, Colorado.

 It is an interesting mix of old and new.

This includes the bikes and riders!

 Here was the first challenge for the "Big Dog's"

A rocky 13+ thousand foot pass, with a rock or two thrown in!

 This is the area of the first "fall"!

The roadway is where the rocks are only 6" to 12" across.

The goals is to keep from riding on the 18" to 24" rocks which line both sides of the roadway!

 Checking for damage.

The rocks are sharp and large.

And it is steep!

 I am on the red R100GS.

I stopped to help, but was unable to restart, due to the steepness of the hill, so....... to the bottom for a running start.

This is where it is great to ride with the Big Dog's and receive the helping hands.

In this case Big Dog Ronnie.

(note to self.... this is an area for a REAL DIRT bike).

I can not imagine any area with MORE ROCKS!

Tim, riding up the same section, with style and finesse.

Feet on the pegs, leaning forward and keeping the momentum going!

Ronnie, doing the same.  Tim and Ronnie live 800 miles from one another, but ride identical bikes, and with similar riding styles.

They are both excellent riders.

Another incident...

Mosquito Pass is now behind us.......

Mosquito pass did me in.  I was nearly ready to hang up my riding boots, when Ronnie and Tim convinced me to try Hancock Pass (did it on prior rides, but did not remember it (most likely due to the thin air)).  As it turned out, it was a good thing to ride it because it helped to re-establish my confidence in riding (actual meaning.... not sell the bike).

Ronnie and Tim heading up the Hancock Pass.

The things you see on this ride are interesting!

Some riders stop at the top of the passes to enjoy the views.

For me it is an opportunity to attempt to catch my breath.

Thank you Ronnie and Tim for pushing me up the pass.....

The pushing was figuratively, not literal.

Well, at least not on this pass.

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