2004 Big Dog

The 2004 "Big Dog" ride is now history! 

It will take a few days to complete this section (hopefully complete by September 8, 2004).

It was another great year for riding the mountains of Colorado.  I started riding the Big Dog in 1995.  I have missed a year or two, but there is a strange magical thing that pulls you back to the ride, and to spend time with the friends that you develop.  I will not miss next years ride.  It is already marked out on my calendar.  A big thanks to Dr. Greg Frazier for bringing it all together (and to the support he gets from other people and organizations)!  

Greg, Barry, Ronnie and Tim... I have your addresses and will send you a CD of all the pictures (about 4 times as many pictures than are on the web site). 

To all others... Send me your address (to email Dale@Ploung.Com), and I will send you the CD.

One additional note to all.....  If you go back up to the "Travel's" button, there are pictures from the 1995 and the 2002 Big Dog Ride.

It is funny how you start the ride, and things seem simple and easy. 

Then a day or two into it, it hits you: 

You can't breath due to the exercise, altitude, age and fear!  oh... and all the bent up bikes!


This picture does not show clearly the angle of the grade and the rocks!

But, you know that things are getting tough when you round a corner and there are 3 or 4 accidents in a stretch of less than 100 yards!

But it is that challenge which is part of the attraction.

If it was a "Sunday Drive in the Park", the participants would not drive 200, 400, 1,000 or 1,900 miles to ride in this illogical event.

So here we go........  Start by clicking on "2004 Big Dog 1" (see below)

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