2002 & 2003

The "Current Events" from 2002 and 2003


Must be getting old (our daughter, not us), as she now has two kids.  We now have a Granddaughter named HANNAH!  How neat to have 2 perfect grandkids, a great daughter and son-in-law (he rides motorcycles, what can I say).

Here Jun is trying hard to relax, hoping that Wendy will get his sympathy relaxation vibes.

Stick to the story, Jun!.

What is Wendy hiding?

It was looking like a KING size pillow under the sheet!

Actually, it was the size of a laundry basket!

One of Hannah's first pictures immediately after her first bath.

The fox with Hannah is the doctor!

When did the doctors get so young?


Hannah was born needing a hair cut!

Wendy was relieved and pleased. 

Not a bad day.

Jun's turn for an inspection.
I did inspect Hannah closely during her first bath. 


She had all her fingers and toes.


She has no neck!

She was born in the SUMMO wrestler weight range.

Nine pounds, twelve ounces.

Jacob has a new sister, which he truly loves.

A happy grandson and daughter.
You can tell that Wendy is returning back to normal relatively fast.

She is already studying the hospital menu.

Wendy's friend and neighbor, Joanna, with Hannah.

After all the stories you hear about babies being taken from hospitals, we kept a close eye on her.

Hannah's first nap at the hospital.

She is waiting for the barber.

Is she storing nuts in those cheeks?

What a cute pair!


Time to remove a few palms.

I was nervous all day long, about collateral damage from falling the trees.

As it turned out, just some underground pipe problems!

One tenth of a second prior to impact!

Preparing the next palm tree for "TIMBER"!
This is how the tree ended up............


Jacob has started soccer.

Intense concentration during practice!

The team...........
The first game is complete, and it is now time for a rest.


I enjoyed taking Jacob to "Take Your Kid Grandson to Work Day".

The girl is Diane's daughter (a co-worker of mine).

He was a little gentleman all day long.
But, the day in the office wore him out.

He is just like a carpooling aerospace worker, in that he was able to sleep on the ride home.


Sandy and I towed the BMW Motorcycle to Pasadena, to tour the area and look for old interesting architectural homes.  This home is called the Gamble House, which was built by Mr. Gamble of "Proctor and Gamble", back in 1908.  The style is call "Arts and Crafts", which was a revolt against the Victorian period (from fancy to simple and functional).  The architects which designed the home were the infamous "Green and Greene".

This picture does not show it very well, but all three doors have cut glass in the shape of the "Tree of Life".

It was gorgeous from the inside, looking out!

All the wood is interlocked.

The home cost $72,000, back in 1908.

Mucho dinero.......

This driveway is 96 years old, with very few cracks.
The home is approximately 8,000 square feet.

It was one of the first homes built in the area, which now is in the center of a dense, beautiful area.

This is a "Frank Lloyd Wright" home, located about 2 blocks from the Gamble home.

This is the Millard House, which was built in 1923, and is called the "La Miniatura".


The great old bridge in Pasadena!

We then rode the motorcycle to the peak at Mt. Wilson.


We also visited the observatory on the peak.


The observatory, from outside.



Jacob gets up close to a Robinson 44. 

He was a little nervous regarding the spinning wing!

Maybe, someday, he will take lessons from Loren!

Two consecutive days, and two helicopters!


Jacob gets to meet "Commander Chuck Street" from Los Angeles radio station KIIS FM.

Thanks Chuck.





The Ploung's, Wood's, Stickle's have a "Cajun" meal with the Birthday boy ( the beer drinking Great Grand Father on the right), prior to visiting the "Old Towne Music Hall" in El Segundo.


The Grandson of the beer drinking Great Grand Father!

Cory recently had his 21st birthday.

The "Kid".
Linda, in a pre-drunk photograph.
Wendy, Melanie, Cory and Phil, during the intermission to "The Thin Man", with William Powell, Mryna Loy and Donna Reed.
Judy and Wayne joined us for the evening.



Had a nice afternoon walking around Balboa Island with Jun, Jacob, Wendy and Sandy.

The weather was perfect.

We enjoyed a short "ferry" boat ride across the waterway.
We finished the afternoon with a "Frozen Banana"!


Easter at the Woods.  Phil and Mel..... Thanks for an enjoyable Easter Day.  We had a great time!

We had ham for the meal.

But, Fabio made it through the day.

(Although he practiced cannibalism).

It was also a Birthday celebration for Cory.


Happy Birthday Cory!

The "Kid" is getting bigger everyday.
The hostess.....

The "Family"!

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