2000 & 2001

The "Current Events" from 2000 and 2001


Went to the Anza Borrego desert to get a little dirt bike riding in.

Unfortunately, Jun got injured during the first 5 miles of the ride.

Jun was off to the hospital to find out the bad news that he has separated his shoulder (the Acromio-clavicular joint) and broke 4 ribs.
Jacob, at the Saturday night fire.


Jacob spent all day Saturday building the fire ring and collecting the fire wood.

On our way home, on Sunday, we stopped in Julian and had apple pie.    Is this kid cute?


Jeff Persh, Michelle Seel and I had 20th and 25th anniversaries at Boeing.  

We pooled our funds and had a great anniversary luncheon on the boat to the right, in Marina Del Rey.

Jeff and Michelle are sitting on the right side of the table.

Sarah Meyer, Sandy and Michelle Seel.

David, Jeff, Bea, Diane and Kevin.


We could not have picked a nicer day to spend on the waters in Marina Del Rey.

A luncheon that ended way to soon.


We got an early start and headed to "El Mirage Dry Lake".

After riding there for nearly 30 years, it is a special treat to ride there with our Grandson, Son-in-Law and Daughter.

Jacob is getting the riding down!
It is a great family sport.
This is Jacob smiling, about 30 minutes after he crashed into the hole in which he is standing!
He was a little scared to get too close to the hole in which he had previously crashed!

It was a beautiful drive home from the High Desert.


Jacob was Scooby-Doo for Halloween!
Grandma and Jacob.
At Jacob's age, he really enjoys Halloween.
He is our treasure!


On the 27th of October we visited Oak Glen for the apples.
Jacob and the family visited a Petting Zoo at the apple fair.

This is Jacob feeding the piglets at the end of a pig race.
This is Jacob "Milking" his first goat.
Jacob, appropriately standing next to a "Philippino Taxi Cab".

On the way home, we stopped by Jacob's Great Grandfather's home!


Sandy and I visit a car show in Riverside.  Love the Studebakers!
My token artistic shot!


Wendy's birthday was on 10-06
Jacob's birthday was on 10-05


This is Jacob, forming a line for the Piņata game!

His is cute, or what?


The competition is stiff around the Ploung household for sympathy. 

As most of you have heard, Sandy had a heart attack on Friday, the 24th of August

She is now home and feeling much better.

Sandy and Wendy, waiting to get out of the hospital.
August 30th, and Jun is recovering from Gall Bladder surgery.

He is also doing well!

He was not a shooting victim...

Merely surgery!



This weekend we had the enjoyment of Lena and Charlie spending the weekend with us.  The frosting on the cake was that we also had Jacob for most of the weekend.  We kept them busy.  The weekend included motocross tracks, sky diving schools, train museum, car shows and Old Town Pasadena.


Charlie, Lena, Sandy and Jacob at the Perris Valley Train Museum.  I think Charlie enjoyed seeing all the old equipment.  

Lena and Charlie saw "Red Cars" which they had both traveled on when younger.

Jacob, contemplating Grandpa's idea of sky diving.  

As the picture shows, he was NOT too excited about the idea!

Jacob getting ready for the busy day.

This picture makes you ask the question, "Will Jacob turn out to be a Plumber?"

Charlie and Jacob enjoying a ride on an electric street car.
Lena and Sandy resting in a 1950's environment.
Charlie and Jacob riding in a rail car behind a Diesel Locomotive.
Dad... This one is for you.  

A 1961 Studebakers pickup truck.

Skip Allen and I work together at Hughes Aircraft Company.

He is trying to quit smoking, or so he says.

For some reason, he looked surprised when I showed up with my camera.

Skip's beautiful Ford.

Unfortunately, he was hit by a female driver on the way to the Car Show (the dent is on the other side of the car).

By the drivers door you can see transmission fluid leaking from the transmission, which was damaged by the accident.

This restored Camaro got me thinking more about restoring our 1968 Firebird convertible.

All it takes is time and money.

As we were leaving the Pasadena area, we stopped by to say goodbye to Skip, and to see if he had quit smoking.

Caught Again!



Palm Springs was the location of a week long tribute to this centuries most famous "Industrial Designer", Raymond Loewy.  He designed presidential jets, the interior of the SST, locomotives, the Avanti and various Studebakers, refrigerators, pencil sharpeners...... the list goes on and on.  We went because I love Avanti's.  The Avanti Owners club also had a week long show in conjunctions with the Raymond Loewy event.

Loewy's design philosophy is not a deeply intellectual one. He summarized it with the acronym MAYA (most advanced, yet acceptable). The proliferation of clean, functional, and dynamic products that emerged from the Loewy offices throughout his long career provides testimony to his success in correctly making the prediction "Most advanced, yet acceptable".

This car looked as if it was just driven off the showroom floor!

Another 1963 Avanti, done up in a current color.

This car, and the next, were on display at the art gallery at the bottom of the road which leads up the mountain to the Tram, just north of Palm Springs.

This Avanti was at the same gallery.

In 1962 Studebaker was desperately trying to stay in the U.S. car market.  Their line of automobiles was getting old and dated.  In an attempt to revive the company, Studebaker hired Raymond Loewy to design a futurist automobile.  Raymond, and a small staff was sent to Palm Springs and instructed to design this modernistic car.  This is the house (at 2788 Via Escuela, Palm Springs), were the designers lived during this design effort.  This shanty is the worst looking house in a nice neighborhood.

This was one molded mockup of the Avanti, on a pedestal, in the backyard of the home pictured above.  (I would guess this picture is from the 1961-62 time frame).

The model had four headlights, but the car entered production with only two




Raymond Loewy, pictured with the car he designed.

In 2000 a new company has again started production of the Avanti.  I believe the car is on a Camaro chassis.  They have made 8 cars so far.  The convertible is $82,000.  

I know what I would do if I won the lottery!


We enjoyed a day in Legoland with Jacob and Wendy.

Click Here...3-30-01 Legoland


The Mumford's see a daughter leave the nest.  

On the waters of Newport, Melanie and Chad get married on the "Icon".

The wedding toasts left a mark with everybody!

150 friends enjoyed the wedding of Melaine and Chad.

It seems that our daughter was babysitting Melanie a few short years ago.  

How time flys!

Pat and Chris.            

Chris and the father of the Bride.
Michelle and Terry, dancing up a storm during the wedding receptions.



On the 11th of February we visited the Norton Simon Museum, which is located in Pasadena.  Wayne and Judy, Steve and Kathy and Wendy, Jun and Jacob joined us on this visit.  We are doing everything possible to "Culturalize" Jacob.


I believe that it is important to expose Jacob to different styles of "Art".


He is a little gentleman.  

This was probably his 10th visit to a museum, in his few short years.

He seems to have a preference for the "Impressionistic" period.


Click here to see why I am smiling

 Disney 10-1-00

Is this a good looking kid or not?  

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Jacob has selected Jun and Wendy's new truck (9-17-2000)

Grandpa is trying to buy me off with a drink!

We took Jacob to Fashion Island Mall, to play in the various fountains.

A Few pictures, prior to going to dinner.


This week we had another great time with Jacob.  I believe that you will find that this will become a recurring topic, no matter which page you go to.  I do not think three years old is too young to learn to fly......


At his age it was a real challenge to locate our home, but he did succeed!

Another interesting sight this week was seeing the old Hughes facility being demolished!


One more picture of the entire Fullerton site

In closing , we also went to a great Brazilian restaurant with Wendy, Jun and Jacob!

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